Open Medicine Foundation’s Community Symposium, “Molecular Basis of ME/CFS” (August 2017)

Open Medicine Foundation’s Community Symposium is now available to view online for anyone who was unable to watch it live. We have collated the start times of each speaker (in parentheses) to make for easier viewing for those who want to dip in and out.


Introduction & Welcome: Linda Tannenbaum and Ashley Haugen (00:10)
Opening Remarks: Ron Davis: (00:14)

Morning speakers:
Robert Naviaux: The metabolism of the cell danger response, healing, and ME/CFS (00:18)
Chris Armstrong: ME, metabolism and I (00:38)
Jonas Bergquist: In search of biomarkers revealing pathophysiology in a Swedish ME/CFS patient cohort (00:53)

Maureen Hanson: Probing metabolism in ME/CFS (01:46)
Neil McGregor: Genome-wide analysis & metabolome changes in ME/CFS (02:05)
Alan Light: Gene variants, mitochondria & autoimmunity in ME/CFS (02:21)
Panel discussion: Morning speakers (02:42)

Afternoon speakers:
Baldomero Olivera: A novel source of drugs: the biodiversity of oceans (04:37)
Mario Capecchi: The role of microglia in neuropsychiatric disorders (04:57)
Mark Davis: Is CFS/ME an autoimmune disease? (05:14)

Alain Moreau: New research strategies for decoding ME/CFS to improve diagnosis and treatment (06:06)
Wenzhong Xiao: Big data analysis of patient studies of ME/CFS (06:25)
Ron Davis: Establishing new mechanistic and diagnostic paradigms for ME/CFS (06:44)
Panel discussion: afternoon speakers (07:21)

Closing remarks: (08:03)